WORX World

Freelance platform with cryptocurrency payments & masternode sharing service


Direct access to our freelance platform.
This platform is promoting the freelance marketplace and provides the tools necessary for freelance workers to be successful.


The coin that powers it all.

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Direct access to our masternode sharing service.
This service consists of two elements: a new kind of marketing tool for cryptocurrencies, and a shared masternode service.


What is WORX Coin?

WORX consists of two major parts: the WORX platforms and the WORX blockchain running WorxCoin. The latter is our own payment method and is similar to other cryptocurrencies. It can be traded on popular exchanges for other currencies and will soon be the main payment option on our WORX platforms. All transactions are stored immutably on the blockchain and can be viewed by all parties. WorxCoin will also be used for feeshare, governance and other community-driven functions.

Payment method:

WORX Coin is – like most other cryptocurrencies – a payment method.Once a favourable price and stability have been achieved, it will become the main payment method on all WORX platforms.

Buy back:

To support price increase and stability, the fees that the WORX freelance platform generates will be used for a buy back program on the exchanges. This will increase the price and reduce the supply until the demand for WORX Coin grows organically.

Fee share: 

Holding WORX Coins in a masternode doesn’t only produce a constant influx of coins, all masternodes also receive a share of the fees that the WORX platforms produce, and allow to participate in the WORX Share program.


Important decisions affecting all coin holders will continue to be discussed and decided with participation of the community. Governance protocols help to make this process more formal.

WORX Coin specifications

Team members

csprings: project lead

An IT professional with a rich experience in the freelance field and over 20 years of experience in IT.

coleus: platform advisor

PhD researcher and freelance professional with a rich experience in freelance field, advisor for WORX.

MrGrow2k: business advisor

Professional in both freelance field and in running multiple businesses in the cryptosphere, advisor for WORX.