We’ve built a decentralised
freelance platform

Using a freelance platform is great for those who want to gain more development professionally or searching for additional ways to earn extra money. Therefore we plan to build a decentralised freelance platform for everyone like freelancer, developer, IT expert.

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What is WORX Crypto?

WORX Crypto is the main currency which can be used on our freelance platform (TBA)

specification WORX

WORX Crypto coin will be released on the basis of Bitocin platform. It’s compatibility of the coin with third-party services wallets, exchanges etc, and provides easy-to-use integration.


May 6, 2018 (18:00PM GMT)

Total supply

21 000 000 WORX

Reward per block

Block Reward
1-1440 (last PoW block 250) 2 WORX
1441-28800 4 WORX
28801-57600 8 WORX
57601-86400 12 WORX
86401-115200 16 WORX
115201-144000 20 WORX
144001-172800 24 WORX
172801-201600 28 WORX
201601-inf 4 WORX

Total premine

100 000 WORX (0.47%)

Rewards distribution

MN 80% / PoS 20%

Collateral for MN

1000 WORX

Min Staking Age

60 Minutes

Our Roadmap RoadMap

March 2018

Start development of the WORX Crypto Platform Development.

May 2018

Network launch

Website launch


Listing at the first exchange

June 2018

Cryptobridge (Coming Soon)

Hiring new team members

July 2018

WORX platform development

September 2018

Pre-alpha release and testing

Improving the code

Whitepaper Release

October 2018

The Beta release

Preparation for public test

November 2018

The roadmap elaboration

Website rework

December 2018

Start of development mobile wallet

Exchanges Exchanges

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